Oliver! tickets

Now on Sale


Oliver Tickets now on Sale!

The Giles Academy whole school production of Oliver! will take place on 30th April, 1st May and 2nd May in the main hall at 7pm.  You can purchase tickets now from main reception!

FINAL OLIVER oliver poster

Sixth Form

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We are very proud of the relationship we have with the parents and guardians of the pupils at our school.

Exam timetable for 2013-2014 can be found here.

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 Year 13 - 14th October 2013

Year 12 - 13th January 2014, 12th June 2014

Year 11 - 30th October 2013

Year 10 - 14th November 2013, 8th July 2014

Year 9 - 12th February 2014

Year 8 - 6th February 2014

Year 7 - 3rd December 2013, 18th June 2014Continue Reading..


Look smart, feel proud

The Giles Academy uniform from September 2013.

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Term Dates



Term 1
Inset Day Tuesday 03-Sep-13
Start of Term Y7&12 Wednesday 04-Sep-13
Whole School Thursday 05-Sep-13
End of Term Friday 18-Oct-13
Term 2
Start of Term Monday 28-Oct-13
End of Term Friday 20-Dec-13
Term 3
Inset Day Monday 06-Jan-14
Start of Term Tuesday 07-Jan-14
End of Term Friday 14-Feb-14
Term 4
Start of Term Monday 24-Feb-14
End of Term Friday 04-Apr-14
Term 5
Start of Term Tuesday 22-Apr-14
End of Term Friday 23-May-14
Term 6
Start of Term Monday 02-Jun-14
End of Term Friday 18-Jul-14


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Maths, Data & Cover Administrator

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