Year 12 Enrolment

If you have not already enrolled in our sixth form, there is another opportunity for you to come and see us on Tuesday 1st September 2015 from 9.30am – 10.30am.  Please bring your GCSE and level 2 qualifications with you.

Year 7 and Year 12 Start Date

Please note that Years 7 and 12 only start back on Wednesday 2nd September. The rest of school start on 3rd September.

Alice Gallery Live!

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Giles Adventure Info

Info for all future Giles Adventure trips can be found by clicking ‘info’, then ‘Adventure’.

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Giles vs Grammar – £2,022 raised for Macmillan!

IMG_1709 2

A fantastic game with lots of goals and a brilliant atmosphere provided by students and parents.

Well done to all involved!!



Giles students took part in a mock election today. It featured candidates for the each party who made their speeches to the school public.  These candidates were:

Conservative      Robbie Johnson   Y14

UKIP                 Jacques Perdeaux     Y11

Labour               Tom Thurston and Lewis McGarry   Y8

Green                Genevieve Layfield    Y8

Lib Dem            Nathan Scarborough  Y7

Students had to register to vote before Friday 1st May with the actual vote taking place on 7th May.

Click here to see the gallery.


Year 7 Stadium of Light Tour

Giles Academy Year 7 students feature in Sunderland matchday experience!



Art Flickr

Giles Academy Art Department Flickr is now live! Find the link in the info section or click here.


Solar Eclipse!

Giles Academy witnessed the first solar eclipse for 16 years on  Friday 20th February.  Below are a few pictures of the event:

Looking at sun Looking at Eclipse through telescope Eclipse 21cm X 29cm Solar Eclipse


Young Enterprise

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Pack up your troubles!



Giles Alumni!

Are you an ex Giles pupil?

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Giles for MACMILLAN!

To donate text “BENV48 £<amount>” to 70070

For example: “BENV48 £10″ would donate £10 to our total!


Giles Galactic Coverage

Giles Galactic video released:

BBC Lincolnshire Radio:


News coverage:


Minster FM

Daily Mail





Sixth Form

Read our Sixth Form Prospectus here.

Check out our annual dance show trailer here.

Applying for our Sixth Form.  


To apply for our single subject pathway please click here.

To apply for our two subject pathway please click here.

To apply for our three subject pathway please click here.


We are very proud of the relationship we have with the parents and guardians of the pupils at our school.

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Year 13 – Monday 13 October 2014

Year 12 –  Monday 12 January 2015   and  Tuesday 9 June 2015

Year 11 – Tuesday 4 November 2014

Year 10 – Thursday 20 November 2014

Year 9 –  Wednesday 11 February 2015

Year 8 – Thursday 5 February 2015

Year 7 -   Monday 15 December 2014   and   Wednesday 17 June 2015


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Look smart, feel proud

The Giles Academy uniform from September 2013.

For information on cost and care as well as detailed uniform requirements please click here.

Term Dates



Term 1
Inset Day Tuesday 01-Sep-15
Start of Term Y7&12  only Wednesday 02-Sep-15
Whole School Thursday 03-Sep-15
End of Term Friday 23-Oct-15
Term 2
Start of Term Monday 02-Nov-15
End of Term Friday 18-Dec-15
Term 3
Inset Day Monday 04-Jan-16
Start of Term Tuesday 05-Jan-16
End of Term Friday 12-Feb-16
Term 4
Start of Term Monday 22-Feb-16
End of Term Thursday 24-Mar-16
Term 5
Start of Term Monday 11-Apr-16
Bank Holiday Monday 02-May-16
End of Term Friday 27-May-16
Term 6
Start of Term Monday 06-Jun-16
End of Term Friday 15-Jul-16


School Direct Teacher Training

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Application Forms



School Meals

This week’s menu:

MENU 13th July 15

Is your child eligible for Free School Meals?



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