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The Alumni organisation of the Giles Academy

Greetings old boys and girls of the Giles!

As you may know Giles Academy is now working with the charity Future First to reconnect us with our former students and keep in touch with our school leavers from their last day. Our alumni organisation has the exciting name of Giles Association. As ex-pupils of the school we would love you all to join our organisation and contact as many of your old friends from your schooldays as possible.

So if you have kept in touch with any students, please encourage them to sign up to our network using the following link:

Giles Academy Alumni Recollections Project

We are planning to produce regular newsletters and a blog to share with the world the achievements of our former pupils.

Once you have signed up you will receive an introductory e-mail from us.

Best wishes,

Gary Wright, Giles Association Co-ordinator
Coral Ball, Giles Association Administrator.