Enrichment Options

Set you apart from other Post 16 learners and give you the edge when it comes to employment or university entry.

• Give you a chance to study in a different way than in a traditional setting.
• Broaden your choices and open up new opportunities for you Post 18.
• Develop skills in learning which will prepare you for the next stage.
• Make you more of an independent learner.
• Allow you to study something without having to do an AS Level in it.
• Give you added qualifications which could make the difference Post 18.
• Open up new experiences that will benefit you immensely in Higher Education.
• Allow you to follow a particular interest and gain a qualification from it.


AS Critical Thinking (2 hours)

SUITABLE FOR: Students who enjoy reflecting and analysing and who are interested in developing their critical thinking.

AS Critical Thinking helps students develop analysis and evaluation skills. The course allows students to present and defend their own reasoning. Students are assessed on their ability to make critical responses to information and its sources, and to draw reliable conclusions from it.


SUITABLE FOR: Students with a passion for Sport

The CSLA course is a fantastic course open to anyone aged 16+. This training course is an ideal step towards gaining National Governing Body coaching qualifications, and will give you the chance to develop your communication, organisation and leadership skills, giving you the confidence to lead sport in the community. Open to anyone, not just those studying or those who have studied Sport at GCSE or AS Level. NO EXAMS, all continual assessment and portfolio.
Weblink: www.sportsleaders.org/home/Content.aspx?PageID=CommunityLeadership

Teaching English as a Foreign Language – (TEFL)

SUITABLE FOR: Students with a keen interest in language teaching who will enjoy the challenge of working independently.

This will require access to the Internet as it is an online course. It will take between 40 and 60 hours of study over 26 weeks and you can study at your own pace. You will get an internationally accredited certificate, personal one to one tutor support, and for the future, access to jobs teaching English worldwide. Samples of the modules include: An insight into the very latest English teaching methods; A guide to English Grammar; Classroom Management and Student Levels; How to teach English Grammar and Vocabulary; How to teach Reading,
Listening, Writing and Speaking Skills; Games and Lesson planning. You will be supported with this work in school.
Weblink: http://www.theteflcertificate.com/freeteflcourse/


In Class Support

Students who enjoy working with young people and helping them with their studies, whilst supporting the teacher and gaining valuable skills in communication will enjoy working in lower school classes. Students identify a subject area they would like to support and then use one of their study periods each week to work alongside the teacher in their lesson. This is ideal for any student wanting to pursue a teaching career, but also provides invaluable experience of working with other people that is relevant to any caring profession.

Sign Language

Sign Language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression, and body language. Sign Language is used mainly by people who are Deaf or have hearing impairments.


Within Britain the most common form of Sign Language is called British Sign Language (BSL). BSL has it’s own grammatical structure and syntax, as a language it is not dependant nor is it strongly related to spoken English. BSL is the preferred language of around 145,000 people within the UK (2011).

If you wish to learn how to sign then completing a course in approximately 8 weeks will be awarded a certificate to show you have passed the course.

The course contains 7 lessons and covers : Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colours, Deaf Awareness, Introductions, Family, Descriptions, Hobbies & Leisure, Time, Money, Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Conversation

Debating Society

Studying A level English – want to run a society to get lower students interested in debating in a whole variety of topics?



Have a passion for English, Maths or Science? Want to help lower school students in the studies and help them achieve, then this is for you. It will take place during registration time, once a week.

Running a Media Club

Studying Media? Love Media? Want to run a lower school club for Media Students, covering animation, film and games then this is for you. To take place during a lunchtime once a week.

Running a singing/ dancing club

Studying Performing Arts? Want to run a lower school club for Performing Arts students or potential singers, then this is for you. To take place during a lunchtime once a week.

Canteen assistance

Love of cooking? Or want to help in the canteen over lunchtime? Serving, or being on duty in the canteen?

Network assistance

Want to be on call for potential computer problems, network problems?

Site staff assistance

Wish to help the site staff? In their day to day running of the school site?

Artsmark and Fusion magazine

Get involved with the projects in the Art Block and help make them become a reality.
Fusion Magazine – write ups and what is happening and forthcoming within the Arts faculty. Images and text required.

Future learn courses

Available in nearly every subject – support your subject knowledge by taking a free online course.
Year 12 – courses available in study skills too.
Also available in lots of different interests

Music Club for lower schools students

Passion for music? Interested in running a lower school music club – sharing your passion? Must be able to read music and play and instrument.


Undertake a course in becoming a lifeguard. You must be a competent swimmer.

First Aid

Lean and understand the basics in first Aid – recovery position, CPR and others
Saving lives workshop
Have a first Aid certificate? Want to train lower and upper school students in the basics of first aid? Lunchtimes only

Duke of Edinburgh

Use this time to support your Duke of Edinburgh work/ volunteering


Law, Latin, Maths, English, Classical Civilisation, Psychology, Citizenship– any you want to do( within reason)!

Self-study option.
If you want to do this, you need to SJG/ AR to be entered.

A levels

An additional A Level: maybe you are fluent in another language and want to take the A Level in that subject. Maybe you want to study an additional A Level. This is a self-study option.
If you want to do this, you need to see SJG/ AR

In class support

Using your knowledge within the subject to support lower school/ upper school classes.

Barclays life skills

Get ready with LifeSkills It’s never too late to build your skills and get ready for your next big step., LifeSkills created with Barclays can equip you with core 21st Century skills to help you stand out from the crowd.

Soft Skills

Communication Skills, Making Decisions, Self Motivation, Leadership Skills, Team-Working Skills, Creativity and Problem Solving Skills, Time Management and ability to work under pressure