Giles Results

Giles Results

Today marks another celebratory year for Year 11 students at Giles Academy. Students have performed well across the board and should be very proud of their achievements.

In line with government changes students continue to receive a combination of grades and numbers.

Within the overall results there are some fantastic success stories which include:

Erika Bandaleviciute performed outstandingly well across all of her subjects to achieve fantastic grades including a grade 7 and 8 in Science, a grade 7 in Maths and a 5 in English, she also secured an 8 in Photography, 7 in Geography, Distinction in Business and Pass in Performing Arts. Erika also achieved an A in A-Level Russian and is hoping to study medicine.

Dylan Atkinson has progressed remarkably over the last five years and has excelled in his subject areas, most notably securing a grade 8 in Maths, a grade 6 in English and 5 in English Literature, a grade 7 and 6 in Science, a 6 in History, Merit in Music and 4 in French.

Isabelle Bontoft is also to be congratulated for achieving a set of grades to be proud of. Isabelle achieved a grade 8 and 7 in Science, a grade 6 in English and 5 in English Lit, a 5 in Maths, 7 in Spanish, Distinction* in Health and Social Care, 6 in Geography and 5 in Art and Design.

A special mention to Catarina Leal who achieved an A in Italian, Amy Stringer achieving a 9 in Photography, Elisha Beeson for a 8 in Maths, Emilija Lekavickaite and Josh Tyers for an 8 in Graphics.

Vocational subjects culminated in success for Jade Banks, Isabelle Bontoft, Shannon Marks and Imogen Smith who all secured a Distinction* in Heath and Social. Sophie Cope and Megan Harrison securing a Distinction* and Shay Mitchell a Distinction in Music. Beth Carter and Chloe Snelson achieved a Distinction * in Performing Arts and in Business, Erika Bandaleviciute, Lauren Eades, Chloe Jones and Natalie Stanford all achieved a Distinction.

Headteacher of Giles Academy, Ian Widdows says:

“I would like to congratulate every single one of the students at the Giles Academy for the fantastic results which were released today. The work that they put in to prepare for the summer examinations was phenomenal and they can now see the fruits of their hard work and commitment over the past few years. I would like to also personally thank all of the staff at the Giles Academy for their time and energy in supporting these students.

As a school the results show a significant improvement on last year – demonstrating our ability to always do the very best that we can to give opportunities for our students to succeed. Many of these students will now use these results as a springboard to further success as they continue their journey with Giles into the growing range of courses in our highly popular and successful sixth form.”

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