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We are pleased to announce that the Giles Academy has achieved the newly re-launched Artsmark Gold Award.

This award is a recognition of the exciting arts activities that take place in the school, activities that include art and design, photography, graphic design, performing arts, dance, acting, music and media. The award also relates to the cultural activities that also take place in school, including an appreciation of film, literature, and the importance of the arts in general learning throughout the curriculum. 

As part of this Artsmark project we presented the recent Romeo and Juliet production. You can see the images on the Giles Productions Flickr page.

As part of this project our acting students worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford upon Avon studying the play and physical theatre. We also worked with the Baby People arts organisation with workshops taking place in school, our art and design students worked with professional graffiti artist, our singers worked with a song writer, our percussion students worked with a professional Stomp style artist, and our dancers worked with a professional street dance performer.

You can see the photographs on the Giles Art Events Flickr page.

The project has gone really well and we had an e-mail sent from one member of the audience:

I write to thank you for an extremely enjoyable evening of theatrical entertainment. From the junk band, the set, the choreography and its interpretation and the acting proficiency right down to the front of house organisation the whole production was faultless and inspirational. The high standards the young people applied themselves to is a credit to the school and all of the people involved. These students are fortunate to have the great opportunity you have given them.

As part of this Artsmark project we had a visit from an Arts Council England advisor and we are pleased to include some of her quotes below:

There was palpable excitement about the role of the arts both with the staff and the students. It is true to say that The Giles Academy recognises the importance of the arts as a tool for engaging young people.

The respect shown to the art facilities is exceptional, young people used the arts ‘block’ as a safe haven and space for study and reflection. The block, even during busy break times was calm. The young people wanting to use the space were respectful and sought permission from staff. There was a definite sense that the arts were valued and respected.

The arts are pivotal to success in the school and they pervade all aspects of the work undertaken by the whole academy.

There was real evidence that the Shakespeare project had engaged a wide range of students and staff. In total there were 200 plus students involved in the production and many more were engaged in arts and culture activities in their non-arts subjects. This level of engagement is set to continue into the future. The school is planning a Diwali festival which will engage a wide range of students and subject areas.

The depth, range, accessibility and regularity of arts activities in the academy is indicative of a strong arts and culture ethos.

The academy has a long held reputation of excellence in the arts and this is shared amongst the staff and students.

The academy has a commitment to supporting the lifelong learning of young people in the arts. The power of which is very evident when ex-students return to assist the academy in delivering high quality arts activities to the next generation.

Artsmark Critical Friend
Marie Muir

The school has now started to offer the Arts Award to students. This is an arts qualification for those students who are involved in any form of art, they log their activities and this can lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.