Sixth Form Dress Code

The way that students in Sixth Form dress is important to create a smart, disciplined and purposeful academic environment and to promote the public image of Bourne Academy. As a student in a school where the younger pupils wear a strict uniform, Sixth Form students set an example by adhering to our dress code which is similar to that expected in a professional business environment.

Sixth Form Dress Code for all students
A formal jacket with trousers, skirt or dress should be worn by all students: 

– Smart, formal office style.  A fine knit jumper with a round, v or roll neck may be worn under the jacket but not instead of. 

– Blouse or shirt with sleeves to be worn under the jacket. No logos, narrow straps or low necklines.  Sweatshirts are not appropriate. 

 – Must come half way down the thigh when sitting. No body-con/denim/corduroy/leather/leather effect skirts/dresses, as these are not formal. Dark coloured opaque tights must also be worn. 


Trousers – Formal, office style, not clingy/stretchy fabric.  No denim or corduroy. 

Shoes – These should be appropriate for a work place.  No canvas material or trainers. 


Outdoor coats – Black, grey or navy with no large logos.  Coats must be removed inside school. 


Jewellery – A single small stud or sleeper may be worn in each ear.  No facial/body piercing is acceptable.  (Any piercings should be done at the start of the summer holidays so that facial   plasters or other ‘sleepers’ are unnecessary). 


Hair and make-up – should be appropriate for a work place and no extreme hair colours/styles are allowed. 


Tattoos – should not be visible.

Students whose clothing is not deemed suitable will spend the day in the Student Referral Unit 



Lanyards MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES whilst on the school site.   

 Anyone requiring a replacement lanyard will be charged £3.00 for the whole lanyard or £2 for a card and 50p each for the strap or holder.

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