Are you missing your GCSE and BTEC certificates?

Are you missing your GCSE and BTEC certificates?

Thank you to the students who have collected their GCSE and BTEC certificates from the Summer 2023 examinations.

We do however have some certificates from Summer 2023 that have not yet been collected. If you need to collect these, you must now email the school via and arrange a time to collect. If someone is collecting on behalf of the student, we will need permission from the student. Note that these certificates will not be posted.

There is no charge for these certificates, but if you do not collect them and you have to order from the examination body in the future – they currently cost between £30 to £55 (depending on exam board) and can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered.

It is essential that you keep the physical copies of certificates as you may need these for job, college or university applications as proof of achievement. If you cannot provide evidence of your qualifications for a job or university place, then it may delay you starting employment or enrolling at university.

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