Our Expectations

Giles Academy’s aim is for all our students to continually demonstrate excellent attendance and punctuality standards.  The minimum expected attendance rate for each student is 95% – days off quickly accumulate and whilst 95% may sound good, it equals 9.5 days off over the academic year – missing almost two weeks of learning (57 lessons!).  Research has shown that regular attendance and good punctuality has a positive impact on student progress.  Every lesson is important and for each day a student is absent, 6 lessons are missed – this can be extremely difficult for the student to catch up from.

Students attendance and punctuality is recorded daily; excellence will be rewarded and concerns will be addressed.  We are keen to work with parents and carers to ensure that your child attends school every day, on time.  On occasions where a student is absent, we expect a telephone call on the morning of the first day of absence from the parent/guardian to provide pastoral teams with information.  Our pastoral teams will make every effort to contact you in cases where your son/daughter has failed to attend school.  Upon return to school, a written note should be provided to your child’s form tutor to allow us to accurately code the absence.

Attendance Policy
Attendance codes, descriptions and meanings explained.
Fixed Penalty Notice Guidelines
Leave of Absence Request