STEM workshop led by the British Army put subjects into practice

STEM workshop led by the British Army put subjects into practice

To develop communication, problem solving and teamwork skills (and explore new careers), the British Army held an engaging STEM workshop for our KS4 students in Years 10 and 11.

The Army delivered six different activities for our students to complete in small groups that were linked to STEM subjects such as Biology, Physics and Maths, so it also helped our students put their knowledge of these subjects into practice.

They had to understand nutrition and diet to plan healthy rations for a soldier, test peripheral vision, calculate distance using the speed of sound, estimate object heights using only your arm and hand, build a paper bridge and create a map to scale.

The workshop with the British Army was organised by Miss Leanne Myers, Careers Coordinator and is one of the many events Giles Academy run throughout the year to introduce our students to different careers and employers. 

There is such a wide variety of jobs available in the uniformed services such as the British Army and sessions like this really help our students explore their career options and see the skills required.

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