Enrichment & Period 6

Please note that the Period 6 and enrichment programme is subject to change as the academic year progresses. 

Period 6, enrichment and / or Intervention may be added or withdrawn throughout the Academic year, particularly linked to “bridging gaps in learning” 

Enrichment Opportunities

We believe in an all-inclusive education where every child not only develops academic skills, but self-confidence, life-skills, and leadership experiences.

In addition to the weekly enrichment programme, there is a wide-range of other whole academy community events:

  • Inter-House competitions
  • Extended curriculum days
  • PSHE Days
  • Enrichment week
  • Charity events

There are student leadership opportunities to be found throughout all aspects of academy life – from the informal leadership that is inherent in the mixed age tutor groups, through to the academy Student Council, and local and national representative groups.

Similarly, reward, aspiration, ambition and success is promoted through the House structure with Houses linking to different local interests, with celebration & charity events on a yearly basis. This is also supported by a range of local, national and international trips and links to our other Trust schools in Lincolnshire.

Valued Member of the Community

Giles Academy is a valued member of the wider community and a source of immense pride.

Drawing upon the roots of the Trust, which specialises in non-selective education, we firmly believe our role is to provide for all members of the community we serve. Students will be exposed to many opportunities in which they can help their in-school communities. They can take up a Head of House role or join the Student Council, to air their views and concerns.

Establishing close links with younger pupils at nearby primary schools is also important, and we will be inviting them into Spalding Academy to take part in a range of transition projects. Some of the academy’s teachers will also be attending local primary schools to provide the pupils with wider opportunities in areas such as high-ability maths and English and sport.

In order to make new challenges available to students, the Academy offers a range of extra-curricular activities, including Sport, Performing Arts, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme and educational visits which includes skiing trips, expeditions to name but a few.

We believe these experiences offer opportunities to develop young people’s cultural awareness and independence so that skills encouraged within the Academy can be applied and improved outside their normal environment.

Enrichment, Extra-Curricular and Period 6 Sessions 2021-2022


Subject Enrichment – Lunchtime

Subject Enrichment – After-School

Extra-curricular Sport and PE (WINTER)

Extra-curricular Sport and PE (SUMMER)

Period 6 Sessions


Y11 Business Studies

Y11 Psychology

Y11 ICT Intervention

Girls Football Years 7-11

Rounders Year 7-11

P6 Pastoral intervention

P6 Year 10 CNAT Sport Intervention

P6 History Intervention


Y10 Business Studies Coursework Catch Up

Y11 Business Studies Exam Prep

Netball – Year 7 & 8

Rounders Year 7-11           

Athletics Years 7-11

P6 Pastoral intervention

P6 Science intervention

P6 Food Tech intervention


Y11 Business Studies

Y11 Business Studies Coursework

Y10 Business Studies

Football Years 7 – 11        


Basketball Years 7-11            

Gymnastics Years 7-11

Softball Years 7-11

P6 Pastoral intervention

Y10 Business Studies Coursework

P6 Drama Intervention

P6 DT & Art Intervention

P6 ICT Intervention


Careers Club – 1.05 – 1.35

Maths Homework Club Y7-11

Y10 Business Studies Coursework Catch Up

Y10 / Y11 Health & Social

Y11 Maths Club

Netball – Year 9 & 10

Rounders Year 7-11           

Athletics Years 7-11

P6 Pastoral intervention

P6 MFL intervention

P6 RS intervention

P6 Science intervention


Y11 Business Studies

Y11 Psychology

Y10 / Y11 Health & Social Care

Y11 Health & Social Care

P6 Pastoral intervention

P6 English intervention

P6 Geography intervention

P6 Maths intervention

P6 Year 11 CNAT Sport Intervention

Intervention may be added throughout the Academic year linked to “bridging gaps in learning”

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