Football derby match was a ‘goal fest’ for Spalding vs Giles

Football derby match was a 'goal fest' for Spalding vs Giles

Giles Academy (green) and Spalding Academy (blue) Year 7 Football Teams

This week, the Year 7 Football Teams from Giles Academy and Spalding Academy took part in an after-school friendly derby match in Spalding and we were treated to ten goals in a thrilling end-to-end match.

In an entertaining game, Giles took a 3-0 half-time lead only for Spalding to come back to 3-3 in the second half. Giles then restored their lead after they capitalised on a couple of defensive errors by Spalding to make it 5-3, then Spalding made a great comeback with 5-5 as the final score.

A draw was a fair result for both teams and all players on both teams played the game in great sporting spirit.

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