Football fever fires up football fanatics at Futsal Tournament

Football fever fires up football fanatics at Futsal Tournament

With football fever gripping the whole country due to the World Cup, our Year 7 students were competing in their own football tournament on Monday this week.

Our team of seven students travelled to Haven High Academy in Boston for the South Lincolnshire Futsal Tournament and played eight short games in a league format which then resulted with two semi-finals and a final.

Futsal is similar to 5-a-side indoor football but uses a smaller and heavier ball making it a fast paced and skilful game. Playing Futsal can also develop close control ball techniques which can improve performance when playing traditional football.

Our team displayed some spirited performances throughout the competition and came third in the group with three wins, two draws and three losses. Although they finished third, they were in the same group as the two finalists.

Well done to all of the players who represented Giles Academy with their great sportsmanship and attitude towards the game – they should be proud of how they represented the school.

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