School Meal Information

Free School Meals

In recent years, as you will be aware, the checking process for free school meals (FSM) has changed. This is partly because an estimated 4,300 Lincolnshire pupils who are entitled to FSM do not receive one. In addition to your children having a free meal in school each day, the school receives extra funding, known as the ‘pupil premium’ to support their education, so it is really important that you apply if you are entitled to this benefit. Pupils on FSM are also entitled to free trips when these form an integral part of the curriculum. For county to check eligibility they need to know the national insurance number, name and date of birth of parents. If you have not already done so, and think you may be eligible, please complete the online application below which takes you to the Lincolnshire County Council Parent Portal.


Additional information regarding free school meals is available on the Lincolnshire County Council website.