Edale Adventure

The Adventure begins in Year 8 with a two day residential experience.  Indoor accommodation and all meals are provided at the Edale Youth Hostel, which is located in the heart of the Peak District with stunning scenery all around.

During their stay, students participate in a range of activities, some of which may stretch them beyond their comfort zone in a safe and controlled manner.  They are immersed in team building activities and face up to the thrills of the “Leap of Faith”, “Jacobs Ladder”, “crate stacking”, “high ropes” and archery, along with thought-provoking outdoor tasks and then a short night walk.  The real challenge, however comes on the second day as they trek up the mountains, each group reaching their own “summit”.

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“Year 8 students learn that by working together as a team they can achieve even higher goals.

Crate stacking is just one of the many exciting activities they are all enjoying on their Giles Adventure. Based at Edale YHA , each Year 8 tutor group has its own trip to the beautiful Dark Peak area of Derbyshire.”