Underwater lantern display set to light up Boston town centre

Underwater lantern display set to light up Boston town centre

On Thursday night (24th November) it is the Boston’s Christmas Lights event and prior to the switch-on there will be a traditional Illuminate Lantern Parade.

Year 7 and 8 students from Giles Academy have been invited to take part in the parade and got involved by participating in a two-day workshop last week with professional artists from the amazing Transported arts programme to create these enormous lanterns as part of the underwater section of the procession.

Fay Miller, Art Lead at Giles Academy said “the Transported artists commented on how well our students engaged with the practical activity and we are very proud of how well they all worked together and supported each other with creating this collaborative outcome.”

Осветяване (pronounced Oos-veh-tyah-vah-ni) is Bulgarian for Illuminate and the parade is a celebration of Boston’s diverse population bringing the whole community together through community and school workshops. The traditional of lantern parades actually dates back four centuries ago and was reintroduced in 2015 where is has become a regular feature ever since.

Giles Academy students and staff are privileged to be taking part in the parade where they will also puppeteer our crab lantern. The parade will start from Central Park at 5.30pm as it makes its way through Bargate, and finishing in the Market Place where there will be lots more to see at the Boston Christmas Market.

Along with the magical illuminated lanterns there will be a carnival atmosphere with a samba band, percussion music and dancers.

We hope to see you at the parade and remember to look out for our students with their spectacular lanterns!

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