National Tutoring Programme at Giles Academy

The National Tutoring programme provides us with an excellent opportunity to provide academic support to students in very small groups that would previously only have been available to families who employed a private tutor.

The National Tutoring programme was introduced following the school closures during the Covid-19 pandemic to support academic recovery for students, primarily disadvantaged students. Although there is still a focus on supporting disadvantaged students the remit has been widened to allow us to focus support on a broader range of students who would benefit from academic support.

At Giles Academy our National Tutoring Programme has three clear areas of focus:

  • To support the progress of Year 11 students as they prepare for their GCSEs in the Ebacc subjects of English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and MFL.
  • To improve reading progress of KS3 students who have a reading age significantly below their chronological age.
  • To provide numeracy support to KS3 students who are underachieving in Mathematics.

For further details of our Year 11 National Tutoring Programme please follow the link below.

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