GCSE Results

Deputy Headteacher, Miss Katie Belcher commented:

“We are delighted with this year’s GCSE examination results which show an improvement in grades awarded, with outcomes that clearly demonstrate the dedication of our students over the course of their studies, as well as the commitment of our teaching staff over the past two years whilst studying their Key Stage 4 courses.  For GCSE we are pleased to share that the school has recorded the highest ever set of results for the school.

There are many significant student successes, but rather than pull out individual stories this year, we would like to congratulate all our Year 11 students on their successful results.

For the Government to authorise moving to a system for GCSE where schools can claim the higher result from either their centre assessed grade (CAG) or their examination grade has now proven to be the fairest approach, particularly after such an anxious time for these learners.

In relation to BTEC qualifications, when we received these results the picture was more varied and the examination board Pearson have now contacted all schools, on Wednesday 19 August at 16.45PM, directing centres not to issue their BTEC results on Thursday 20 August.  They will now be looking to try to use the same system as for the GCSE’s and A Levels. We welcome this news of change and we are hopeful for these students that they can receive their rightful grades.

We are very happy with the overall progress for our learners at Giles Academy.  After what has been a challenging five months for our students, particularly after the last week with so much focus in the press being on examination results, we all feel so incredibly proud of our students and we wish each and every one of them every success and happiness for the future.”