Great News!

Great News!

Financial Notice to Improve Lifted!

Following two years of extremely hard work the Giles Academy is delighted that the Financial Notice to Improve, issued by the government in November 2016, has now been lifted. The school has made significant improvements in the strength of the governing body in this time and has dramatically improved the school’s financial standing by following rigorous and innovative improvement plans, in the face of some considerable challenges, for example with regard to school funding.

In a letter to the Giles Academy Trust, Mike Pettifer, Director of the Academies and Maintained Schools Group of the ESFA said:

“Further to our close monitoring of the trust’s progress, I am content that the FNtI conditions have been met. Furthermore, I am grateful for the assurances provided regarding the improvement of financial management, control and governance at the trust. As a result, I’m pleased to inform you that the FNtI will be lifted, with effect from 29 November 2018”.

The rapid improvements in the school’s financial position going forward, as well as the strengthening of the governing body, have been carried out in such a way as to prioritise, protect and further develop the provision for Giles Academy students – ensuring that they get the great education that they all deserve.

It is fantastic that this work is now acknowledged by the lifting of the Notice to Improve. It is a formal recognition of what has been a “team effort” involving all staff in the school, but in particular it is a credit to the tenacity of the school’s Finance and Business Managers and the school’s Leadership Team.