School Transport Information

Students travel to Giles Academy in one of three ways: parent’s own transport, service buses or the Giles Bus Service.

If you live within three miles of the school, then you are required to provide your own transport method. This is usually by car, bike, walking or if you live on a bus route there may be a service bus, however you will have to pay.

Free transport is offered to those students who live more than three miles from Giles Academy and more than three miles from any other secondary school and must live within our catchment area, the cut off points presently fall within Fishtoft, Friskney and Sibsey. Please see the Lincolnshire County Council’s DTA Map to confirm whether you may be entitled to free transport and if so, you should apply for this through the LCC website.

The Giles Bus Service is organised by the school for the benefit of students in the Boston and Skegness area who have chosen to attend Giles Academy. The Giles Bus Service operates a pay in advance system, with the choice of two payment methods:-

Yearly – one large payment, currently £660 for September 2021.

Termly – three payments of £220 spread over the year in August, November and January.

Applications for the Giles Bus Service are usually made during the intake process of new Year 7 students. Mid year applications for the Giles Bus Service can be made verbally with the school and a bus seat will only be allocated if there is availability.

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