Scientists recognised for consistent effort, hard work and progress

Scientists recognised for consistent effort, hard work and progress

Our Science reward badges are worn with pride by the students who are awarded ‘Scientist of the Term’ in recognition for their contribution to the subject. STEM subjects including Science play an important part in the school curriculum as every student will study this at GCSE level.

Each term, teachers from the Science department select one student from each class as a reward for the great effort, hard work and progress they have made. The idea of the awards is for students of all abilities to have the opportunity to achieve a badge.

Year 7 Winners

  • Jaye Baile
  • Harvey Dawson
  • Emi-Mai Forman
  • Ruby Mackay
  • Paige Robinson

Year 8 Winners

  • Kamile Baranauskaite
  • Alisha Harker
  • Lois Lilley
  • Vanessa Lukauskaite

Year 9 Winners

  • Tillie Cartwright
  • Dominik Janiszewski
  • Adrians Millers
  • Billy Mustill
  • Ernestas Venskutonis
  • Isabelle Welborn

    Year 10 Winners

    • Hannah Fisher
    • Gabija Gumbreviciute
    • Erin Hayes
    • Karolina Macijauskaite
    • Sonny Mitchell
    • Olgierd Szwedzinski
    • James Truscott

    Year 11 Winners

    • Baye Butterfield
    • Julielou Davis
    • Keira Eden-Smith
    • Ella Napper
    • Jack Robinson
    • Viltene Urbstaite
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