Staff feedback and comments from the recent annual survey

Staff feedback and comments from the recent annual survey

In the autumn term, the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust conducted an annual survey with students, parents and staff from all three schools who are part of our Trust. We had an overwhelming response with 1,390 students, 563 parents and 278 staff giving their feedback, which was completely anonymous.

From this we can identify where we need to make improvements but this also gives us an indication of how you think we are doing.

As you have taken your time to give us your feedback, we wanted to share with you some of the results and comments from staff that were specific to Giles Academy.

Staff results

100% – I am proud to be a member of staff at Giles Academy

100% – Giles Academy is well led and managed (clarity of the Headteacher)

98% – Pupil behaviour is at least good at Giles Academy

Staff comments

“Child safety and security has gone to a whole new different level. I would be very happy to let my children come to this school.”

“Teaching and learning has taken centre stage at Giles. When I am asked to complete a task, I can always see how it will positively impact on the learning of the children.”

“The change in behaviour standards in the past 18 months is incredible.”

“The school now has a sense of community for staff and students. This was key to moral and pride of the school and it has been achieved quickly and a very high standard.”

“The on call system for consistent poor behaviour has really helped prevent lessons being distracted for the whole class.”

“Great communication, clear and transparent policies, no favouritism.”

“The mobile phone policy has had a massive positive impact on the good behaviour within school.”

“Student expectations and aspirations have developed. Targets are more realistic and push the students to achieve their full potential.”

“Students are calm and appear to have more pride in their school.”

“Staff are motivated and students behaviour and attitude to learning is very much improved.”

“New and improved uniform has been significant in the journey of improvement.”

“I like the establishing of a school ethos and the sense of belonging for pupils.”

“Excellent curriculum organisation – pupils have a good range of options to choose from which will give them transferrable skills once they leave for Post-16.”

“I believe the general feeling in the school is very positive and the future is very optimistic.”

“I feel the house system is working well. I am often approached by students telling me how many points/rewards they have earned this week.”

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