Privacy Notice – Students


Keeping Safe Survey

Baseline Survey LiNCHIGHER

Guidance to help comlete LiNCHIGHER survey

          It asks for a student’s email address – this can be a school email address and we would recommend this.

          Students have to agree to be contacted as part of the survey (this is one of the first questions), otherwise the survey will just close and return to the start. Please assure students that by consenting, it won’t mean they will be contacted loads it is just to ensure we have consent to collect their data and contact them again if required. If students genuinely do not want to consent to the survey, that is also fine.

          The survey also asks for a mobile phone number – they can leave this blank, and progress through the survey.

 It might also be helpful to provide students the following information and definitions:

          Postcode: students must provide their home postcode. Could you ask staff/tutors who are administering the survey to have these available so that students can provide the correct data. If students type the first line of their address into google, they should also be able to find their postcode.

          ‘Higher Education’: Higher Education is the level of study you do after you have turned 18, including university, higher or degree apprenticeships, or a course at a College (one that you would do after you have turned 18 and not a College course you would do after Year 11).

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