Who’s Who

Who's Who

Lucy Conley


Katie Belcher

Head of School

Brett Sinclair

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Behavioural Standards

James Hind

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Teaching & Learning

Elizabeth Dyer

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Teaching, Learning & Standards

Tom Martin

Executive Deputy Headteacher
Assessment & Data

Karen Joel

Trust SENco

Sam Pell

Assistant Headteacher

Dr Kyriacos Chrysostomou

Assistant Headteacher

Staff List - Giles Academy

ABRAHAM, Monika Teacher of Health & Social Care
ALLETSON, Malcolm SIMS Data & Progress Coordinator
AMOS-LINLEY, Emma Teacher of Performing Arts
ANDERSON, Tamara Administrator – Main Reception / Finance Officer
ARA, Zeenat Teaching Assistant
ARCHER, Ruth Teacher of Geography / Head of House
ASHTON, Tracey Administrator – Main Reception
BARBER, Libby Careers & Aspirations Lead
BELCHER, Katie Head of School – Designated Safeguarding Lead / Staff Welfare Officer
BRADER, Sally-Anne Teacher of History / PSHE Lead
BURLEY, Sophie Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
BURRELL, Diane Senior Administrator HR & Site / Clerk to Local Advisory Board
CASSIDY, Roisin Head of Department – Science
CASTLEY, Alan Teacher of Mathematics
CASTLEY, Andrew Teacher of Science (Responsibility for Disadvantaged Students)
CHRYSOSTOMOU, Dr Kyriacos Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Computing / IT
CHRYSOSTOMOU, Valentina Teacher of RE
CLAYTON, James ICT Technician
CLEMENTS, Jayne Librarian
COCKS, Deborah Teacher of Geography and Performing Arts
CONLEY, Lucy SLAT Executive Headteacher
COOK, Susan Head of Department – Design Technology
COOPER, Marcus Director of Pastoral and Behaviour / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
COOPER, Sarah Teacher of PE (Advances Skills Practitioner)
COWDELL, Timothy Student Support Manager (SS2)
COWDELL, Karen Teaching Assistant
CRIDLAND, Hannah Head of Department – Performing Arts
DOBRIANSKYJ, Lucy Year 7 Year Lead
DODD, Craig Teacher of PE / Head of House
DODD, Mandy Catering Manager
DOYLE, Natifa Joint Subject Lead – English
DYER, Elizabeth SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – VOC Lead & Staff Support
DYER, Stacey Head of Business Studies
ESHELBY, Sally SLAT Director of Finance
GOMEZ, Maria Head of Department – Computing / IT
GOODWIN, Carol Exams Officer
GREEN, Hannah Teacher or PE
HALL, Greg Head of Department – History
HARKER, Christofora Head of RE
HEASLEY, Chantelle Teaching Assistant
HIBBERT, Richard Premises Assistant
HIND, James SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning
JAGGER, Gavin Teacher of Food Technology / Head of House
JAMES, Rosemary Student Referral Unit (SRU) Manager
JOEL, Karen Trust SENCo
KAMSIKA, Faye Teacher of English
KING, Alex Teacher of Art
LEWIS, Helen SLAT Director of Operations / H&S Officer
LINDLEY, Cerys Teaching Assistant
LYONS, Christopher Teacher of English
MCDONALD, Ella Art Lead
MARTIN, Tom SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Achievement
MILLER, Fay Head of Department – Art
MYERS, Leanne Careers Coordinator
NICOL, Sara Teacher of English
NOWAK, Katarzyna  Instructor of Mathematics
ORTAN, Simona Teacher of Science
PEARSON, Amy Instructor of Geography / Head of House
PELIVANU, Olesea Teaching Assistant
PELL, Samantha Assistant Headteacher / Pastoral Lead / Teacher of Business Studies
PENSON, Adrian Premises Assistant
PERRY, Victoria Year 9 Year Lead
PICKWELL, Andrea Teacher of Art
PORTAS, Jake Year 8 Year Lead
PUCKERING, Linda Teacher of English
PUCKERING, Michael DT Technician
REED, Alex Head of Department – PE / Head of House
RELTON, David Teacher of Design Technology
RELTON, Scott Year 8 Year Lead
RICHARDSON, Emily Teaching Assistant
SEDGWICK, Harry Science Technician
SHAW, Faye Senior Administrator
SINCLAIR, Brett SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety – Safeguarding Officer
SMITH, Tim 2nd in Mathematics Department
SMITH, Esther Teacher of Mathematics
STONES, Megan Head of Department – Geography
TAYLOR, Ian Instructor / Medical Lead
TEBBS-CLARK, Stacey Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
TEBBUTT, Julie Head of Department – Modern Foreign Languages
THOMSON, Melissa Teaching Assistant
VENN, Samantha Attendance Manager
VRASTIAK, Maria Teacher of Mathematics
VRASTIAK, Jaroslav Teacher of Computing / IT / Science
WAGSTAFF, Martin Cover Supervisor
WARELIS, Magdalena Joint Subject Lead – English
WEBB, Emma Teacher of Science
WEEKES, Vanessa SLAT Director of Human Resources
WESLEY, Louise Year 10 Year Lead
WHITEHEAD, Jo-Anne Safeguarding Manager
WHITELAM, Katie Teacher of History
WHITWORTH, Daniel Teaching Assistant
WILKINSON, Megan Administrator – Main Reception
WOOD, Adam Teacher of English
WOODS, Silvia Instructor
WOOLLEY, Marie Head of Department – Mathematics
WRIGHT, Alexandra Teacher of Mathematics
WRIGHT, Gary Teacher of Art

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