Who’s Who

Mrs L Conley SLAT Executive Headteacher
Mr B Sinclair SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety – Safeguarding Officer
Mr J Hind SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning
Ms E Dyer SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – VOC Lead & Staff Support
Mr T Martin SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – Achievement
Mrs K Joel SLAT Executive Deputy Headteacher – SENCo
Miss K Belcher Deputy Headteacher – Designated Safeguarding Lead / Staff Welfare Officer
Mrs S Pell Assistant Headteacher / Pastoral Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Dr K Chrysostomou Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of Computing/IT
Miss M Woolley Head of Mathemathics Department
Mr T Smith Second Head of Mathematics Department
Mrs M Vrastiak Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Castley Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs E Smith Teacher of Mathematics / Year 9 Teaching Year Lead
Miss K Nowak Instructor of Mathematics
Mr A Wood Joint Head of English Department
Miss S Nicol Joint Head of English Department
Miss N Doyle Teacher of English
Miss P Karley Teacher of English
Miss C Chapman Teacher of English
Mrs S MacDonald Teacher of English
Mrs L Puckering Teacher of English
Mrs M Warelis Teacher of English / EAL
Miss R Cassidy Head of Science Department
Mr A Castley Teacher of Science
Mr M Dodds Teacher of Science
Mrs E Webb Teacher of Science
Mrs S Robertson Teacher of Science
Miss S Ortan Teacher of Science / PE
Mr M Henshall Science Technician
Miss S Burrows Science Technician
Mrs M Stones Head of Geography Department
Mrs R Archer Teacher of Geography
Miss A Pearson Instructor of Geography
Mr G Hall Head of History Department
Miss K Whitelam Teacher of History
Miss S Brader Teacher of History / Year 8 Teaching Year Lead
Mrs C Harker Head of RE
Mrs V Chrysostomou Teacher of RE
Mrs J Tebbutt Head of MFL
Mrs S Tebbs-Clark Teacher of MFL
Mrs S Woods Instructor of MFL
Mrs M Gomez Head of Computing/IT Department
Mr J Vrastiak Teacher of Computing/IT / Science
Mr T Chenery Teacher of Computing/ICT / Media / Year 10 Teaching Year Lead
Mrs S Garrard Teacher of Media
Miss A Burton Head of Art Department
Mrs P Vaughan-Sawer Teacher of Art
Miss F Miller Teacher of Art
Mr G Wright Teacher of Art
Mr M Sutherland Teacher of Photography / Year 7 Teaching Year Lead
Miss E McDonald Teacher of Photography
Miss D Cocks Teacher of Music
Mrs S Cook Head of DT Department
Mr G Jagger Teacher of Food Technology
Mr D Relton Teacher of D&T
Mr M Puckering DT Technician
Miss H Cridland Head of Performing Arts Department
Mrs E Amos-Linley Teacher of Performing Arts
Mrs S Dyer Head of Business Studies / Year 11 Teaching Year Lead
Mrs S Pell Acting Head of Health & Social Care
Mrs M Abraham Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs C Harrison Acting Head of PE Department
Mr Reed Teacher of PE
Mr M Cooper Teacher of PE / Acting Year 8 Teaching Year Lead
Mr C Dodd Teacher of PE
Mrs S Singleton Teacher of PE
Mr I Taylor Teacher of Swimming / First Aid / Medical Supervision
Mrs L Myers Teacher of Swimming / First Aid / Medical Supervision
Miss L Dobrianskyj Year 7 Year Lead
Mr S Relton Year 8 Year Lead
Miss V Perry Year 9 Year Lead
Mrs L Wesley Year 10 Year Lead
Miss J Campbell Year 11 Year Lead
Mr T Cowdell Student Support Unit Manager
Miss H Barnicoat SEN Department Administrator
Mrs K Cowdell Learning Support Assistant
Miss C Heasley Learning Support Assistant
Miss R Close Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Ara Teaching Assistant
Miss E Richardson Teaching Assistant
Mr M Wagstaff Teaching Assistant
Miss O Pelivanu Teaching Assistant
Mr D Whitworth Teaching Assistant
Mr J Portas Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Kenneally Cover Supervisor
Ms T Redford Cover Supervisor
Miss C Ball Cover Supervisor
Mrs H Lewis SLAT Director of Operations / H&S Officer
Mrs D Burrell HR & Site / Clerk to Governors
Mrs S Eshelby SLAT Director of Finance
Mrs B Hippisley Finance Manager
Mrs C Goodwin Exams Officer
Mr S Davison Careers Advisor
Mrs F Shaw Senior Administrator
Miss R James Student Referral Unit (SRU) Manager
Miss S Venn Attendance Manager
Mrs J Whitehead Safeguarding Manager
Mrs P Fixter Administrator – Data & Finance
Miss M Wilkinson Administrator
Mrs T Ashton Administrator
Mrs T Anderson Administrator
Miss C Ward Administrator – Student Reception
Miss A Law Librarian
Mr J Stephen Site Manager
Mr G Francis Apprentice Caretaker
Mrs M Quin Daytime Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs B Baggley Daytime Cleaning Supervisor
Mr S Stevenson Groundsman
Mr J James ICT Network Manager / Site Manager
Mr J Clayton ICT Technician
Mr N Hunt Apprentice ICT Technician