Our Library have 40 students volunteer to become Junior Librarians

Our Library have 40 students volunteer to become Junior Librarians

At the beginning of this term, we asked students if they were interested in becoming a Junior Librarian and we have been overwhelmed by the response, and especially from Year 7. It just goes to show how many of our students really love books and reading.

We now have 40 students who have volunteered to help and are officially Junior Librarians who can wear their Librarian badge with pride. The students have already been busy sorting the books, applying various stickers as well as putting on book sleeves and filing books.

They have made a massive difference in making the library a more vibrant and enjoyable environment for students to study in and use in the morning, lunchtime and after-school.

Mrs Jagger, Librarian at Giles Academy said “I really can’t express how amazing the students have been and the huge amount of work they got through in such a short space of time. In addition to the Junior Librarians, we have had other students in the school volunteer to help out in the library and we also really appreciate their help and enthusiasm.”

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