Boston Rotary Club Assistance

Boston Rotary Club Assistance

Despite the Government distributing thousands of computers to schools many still do not have enough to provide for adequate on-line tuition for all their students. Giles Academy is one of those. On 1 February they appealed to the Rotary Club of Boston for help.

Using their own funds and a grant from Rotary District Foundation, the Club was able to purchase 7 computers which were delivered to the school on 15 February. The computers have been matched to the schools existing operating systems and are designed to be used both for distance learning and also in school once face-to-face teaching resumes.

This latest provision of computers continues the Rotary Club’s support for local schools as they previously provided a grant to purchase i-pads for John Fielding Special School, and are continuing to work on the provision of a Garden of Reflection at the Pilgrim School, Amber Hill.

Speaking on behalf of the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust, Mrs Lucy Conley, Executive Headteacher said :

“If students are able to get on-line and access their school work it gives them routine and structure for the day. It releases any technology they do have to other family members and also having access to the work will improve the students’ life-long chances.

With moving to more live TEAMS lessons as the Trust is doing across all our schools, technology is even more important and the benefits even greater.  

I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

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