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First impressions unify students at Giles Academy

On the first day of a new school term, there is normally excitement for returning students as they see their friends and teachers again, then often nerves for new students in year 7 as they make the transition from primary school. But this week at Giles Academy these emotions were instead replaced with an immense feeling of pride and belonging.

“I really like the uniform, it's a lot smarter and makes us feel united.”
Freya Burrows
Year 11

Everyone knows how important it is to make a good first impression, which is one of the reasons why the students at Giles Academy have been so delighted with their new style of school uniform.

Gone are the old-fashioned blazers with red trim and students wearing a mixture of ties, bow ties and even cravats, and this has replaced with a smart black blazer with year group coloured ties that both boys and girls can now feel proud to wear at school.

“I really like the logo on the trousers and skirts because now everyone feels the same”
Kamile Baranauskaite
Year 8

The school recognises how important it is to provide quality and affordable clothing for families. At Giles Academy, the cost of a blazer, jumper, school tie and trousers or skirt with some white shirts for a student will be under £100. To help with the costs of this new style of uniform, every student in years 7 to 11 received a free school blazer and tie plus students who are in receipt of free school meals were provided with vouchers to get discounts off other clothing items.

The only compulsory items of clothing with a school logo are the school blazer and school trousers or skirt. By not having logos on jumpers or PE clothing has helped keep costs down as well as the school choosing clothing that can be purchased on the high street or from their official supplier.

The uniforms have been provided by Nationwide School Uniforms in Spilsby who are the local supplier for Giles Academy as well as other primary and secondary schools in Lincolnshire. 

“I feel very professional in the new uniform”
Jayden Tyler
Year 8

Changing a school uniform is a big decision for a school to make, but it was one of the many improvements that Giles Academy has made since they joined the South Lincolnshire Academies Trust in September 2020. The recently expanded trust includes Bourne Academy and Spalding Academy who are consistently ranked amongst the top schools in Lincolnshire.

“The school uniform sets the professional standards required by all students at Giles Academy. By all students wearing the same uniform and adhering to our dress code policy, it ensures everyone is treated equally and promotes high aspiration, inclusivity, and pride in our school. We would like to thank all of the parents and families for their understanding and co-operation during this change as they can see the positive impact that this will make to the entire school. We are immensely proud of how smart all of the students looked starting school this term.”
Mrs Lucy Conley
Executive Headteacher
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