Lincolnshire Bombers touch down to find American Football rookies

Lincolnshire Bombers touch down to find American Football rookies

We are always keen to promote the wide variety of sports that students can participate in, so we were pleased to welcome Sam Gair from local American Football team, the Lincolnshire Bombers.

He visited Giles Academy with stacks of protective equipment and balls to give our students a taster into this fast and exciting sport plus answer any questions they have about how they can get involved.

The club always ensure the safety of their players and our students got the opportunity to try on protection helmets and shoulder pads. For the training sessions and for matches, all equipment is provided by the club so it is an affordable sport to take up.

Whilst American Football is physically demanding, the great thing about the sport is that there is a position for everyone so it doesn’t matter if you are not the fastest or strongest. The key skills that the club look for in every player is that they can demonstrate good teamwork and have excellent hand-eye coordination.

Sam has been playing for the Lincolnshire Bombers on the defensive line since he was 13 so was able to pass on his experience of joining the club at a young age and progressing through the ranks.

The club has a mixed under 16s side that caters for boys and girls who are aged 13+ years. They run rookie training sessions every Saturday from 9.30am to 11.30am where students can try out the sport and the club can check the potential of new players and see what offense or defensive positions they are best suited for.

Students who are interested in finding out more about the club can visit or join the Prospective Players Facebook Group at

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