SALAD officially improves presentation skills and confidence

SALAD officially improves presentation skills and confidence

It’s official that SALAD has helped improve the presentation skills and confidence of our Year 7 and Year 8 students!

To do this, they didn’t take a trip to the canteen for a healthy lunch, but SALAD actually stands for ‘Speaking And Listening Activity Day’ and is where all of the lessons for the day involved little to no writing to encourage students to speak and listen.

Normally, the classrooms around school are quiet and calm, but this week the decibels were notched up as we encouraged students to learn differently for the whole day. There was debating, presenting, group discussion, teamwork activities and much more.

It did not matter what the subject was, everyone was able to interact and we could tell our students loved this way of learning on the day as it pushed them out of their comfort zones and helped improve their social skills.

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