Students achieve their The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award

Students achieve their The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Awards

Congratulations to Victor Aguiar and Brooke Lovett in Year 11 who have achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Giles Academy is led by Ms Cocks and is a fun programme of activities designed to build confidence as well as develop key skills.

The students first started the award in Year 10 and they have demonstrated high levels of resilience, commitment and hard work throughout this programme.

To achieve the Bronze Award, students have to complete four sections which involve volunteering to support a local charity or organisation, learning a new skill, taking part in a physical activity and completing an expedition.

In the summer term last year, the expedition involved a two-day weekend at Wing Hall Estate in Rutland where they had a 10 mile walk each day carrying everything they needed. They were then assessed on their expedition skills, such as navigation, building the camp and cooking outside.

We were also delighted to hear that Victor has enjoyed the programme so much that he is already working towards his Silver Award as he has found the programme beneficial in developing essential skills and attributes for life such as resilience, problem solving, teamwork and communication. He already plans to be a Young Leader for the The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and will be an excellent role model for young people.

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