The Army go back to school to promote careers in 40 areas

The Army go back to school to promote careers in 40 areas

It is important that students are able to explore the diverse range of careers they can progress onto after school, college or university so they can make informed decisions. This is why we have regular guest speakers visit the school.

One of the regular talks we have each year is from the British Army who help students understand about the many careers available in the uniformed services. Michael Hancock is part of the British Army Engagement Team and brings 37 years of experience with him as a Warrant Officer in the Army.

He visited Giles Academy to speak Year 11 students and explain what the Army does, the roles available and how the Army is fully inclusive for males and females in any role.

There are sometimes pre-conceptions that joining the Army is just about becoming a soldier and going to war, but it is nothing like that at all.

The primary objective of the Army is to serve and protect the Queen and country. They do this helping to rescue people and save lives, which is why they can be involved in peace keeping and humanitarian missions all over the world. Recently, the Army have also been involved closer to home to set up Covid vaccination clinics, administer vaccines, deliver PPE and even step in to drive fuel tankers during the petrol shortages.

In the Army, there are over 200 jobs and apprenticeships in 40 areas with careers in engineering, logistics, communications and IT, music and ceremonial, medicine, dentistry, veterinary, HR, finance as well as combat roles.

Students can join the Army at the age of 18 on an apprenticeship (after gaining A-levels or BTEC qualification) or at 21 if they join after gaining a degree university. As with any job, the better grades and qualifications will lead to better opportunities and opportunities to progress to higher levels. There is also an option to join at 16 at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate, which trains young people to become Junior Soldiers for the various Corps and Regiments.

It is possible to join the Army full-time as a ‘Regular’ or part-time as a ‘Reserve’. The minimum service required in the Army is only five years although many people stay for much longer and can move into different roles their service as full training is provided.

Thank you to Michael for taking the time to speak to our students.

For more information about the careers available in the Army, visit

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