WARNING – this will make your tummy rumble and tastebuds tingle!

WARNING - this will make your tummy rumble and tastebuds tingle!

There was no time for nerves in the kitchen when our Year 11 students were cooking up their tantalising menus in the GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition exams.

They had up to three hours to prepare and cook a two course meal with a starter and main course or a main course and dessert based around a celebration theme of their choice. Some of the celebrations chosen by the students included Christmas, Easter, Eid and different nationalities such as British, Irish, American, Polish and Latvian.

It was fantastic to see the mouth-watering array of produce and ingredients that students had chosen to use that reflect their personal tastes and backgrounds.

An important part of the exam was also the planning by documenting their food preparation, cooking methods and techniques with timings plus taking into consideration food hygiene and safety.

Mr Gavin Jagger, Teacher for Food Technology said “The students have demonstrated their passion for food, nutrition and cooking throughout the year by creating and testing their menus in preparations for their exam. The students really appreciated that Executive Headteacher, Mrs Lucy Conley visited the kitchen to view their culinary delights and congratulate the students on their hard work.”

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