Food Pod gives Year 7 easy access to food and drink

Food Pod gives Year 7 easy access to food and drink

With an increase in students as Giles once again becomes one of the most popular schools in the Boston area, there has been even more students wanting to use the canteen during morning and break and lunchtimes (as well as due to the food being so tasty).

To cope with the extra demand on the main canteen, we introduced a brand new ‘food pod’ in the Year 7 yard at the end of last term.

The food pod is run by our in-house catering team where Year 7 students can choose from a range of snacks, drinks, jacket potatoes, pasta pots, sandwiches and the daily hot main meal.

As well as serving Year 7 students on their own dedicated yard, this also helps ensure students in other Year groups are able to access the main canteen quicker.

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